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A Love Story

Every vow, every kiss, every tear in every wedding always starts with A Love Story.  We schedule a time to film our couples at the spot(s) that has meaning to them.  We choreograph it to fit you so that you have a story to always remember.  These shots are used for engagement websites, social media announcements, played while guests are finding their seats and very popular as a reception intro before the entrance. 

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Highlight Reels

We know how eager our couples are in being able to have a glimpse to their movies.  Thats why we love sending out teaser trailers, also known as Highlight Reels within 2 weeks after shooting so that our couples can post them on social media and have an idea of what their movie looks like.


The moment is finally here!  It comes down to the minutes of precious words, tears shared and smiles knowing that your one and only is going to be yours forever.  We make sure to capture not just the visuals, but also every part of the sounds.  We have multiple mics recording in order to capture the vows but also the environment so that you can feel like you're there again.  

Blessing Booth

What better way to close out such an emotional movie than hearing your friends and family loving you.  This is probably one of our most popular segments because it is filled with laughter, tears and love.  Our brides and grooms have no idea what's coming until they watch their movie.


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